Thursday, August 6, 2009

Eoin Langan's Pre-Conceptions Dismissed!!!

As the debacle which is 47th Ballybrack Ventures gathered steam across the continent of Africa, I've had many chances to think about particular topics in which to "blog the interweb" or whatever you cyber guys do.. None of these chances have been taken though as I seem to have developed a taste for sleeping..everywhere and anywhere seems to be the African adopted motto of the ventures. I would also like to take this time and Internet space to express my extreme distate for Air Hostesses and mosiquito nets, both of which perform extremely important functions very,very badly in my opinion. These annoying people and nets have both successfully managed to infiltrate my sleeping time. Many other Ventures who wish to remain anyonomous have also expressed concern at their conduct.. its a problem rife within society and a plan needs to be put in place to stop them before its too late..haha

Well as you may have noticed in the title many of my intial thoughts about every child in the world have been swiftly dismisssed, the level of gratitude for what we are providing is far and beyond what any of the ventures had expected, the kindess of every person is over whelming to say the least, with it coming as a shock to the system knowing that if I received this in Ireland i'd think someone was winding me up. The children don't seem to suffer from the same associations Irish kids seem to suffer from, an example of this would be 14 year kids WILLINGNESS to play Old Mc Donald which were you to suggest in Ireland.., the likelihood is that you would get shot down by a 4 year old. This willingness and not just that, pure enjoyment being shown by the kids has made the trip more worthwhile and enjoyable than ever imagined.

I really do wish everything you do in Ireland wasn't "gay" or "bent" and being self concious about your personal image makes everything much, much less fun. I understand how this can affect your personal enjoyment as My Personal Mission in Scouts was to shoot everything the leaders said or did down or pronounce it "gay" and try to gather as many disruptive people as possible willing to wreck the collective buzz. I'm a changed 17 year old..haha better late than never i suppose!!

Other stuff of interest is the great mood going round the ventures, with tiredness being brushed off with an afternoon nap to allow the "banting" (God I hate that word) to continue. The hotels amazing, the food is as mentioned earlier second to none (only my Mum and Dads overcooked beans or lumpy potatoes come close..) well anyway better sign off as this is costing enought to send 3 kids to school for a term..(actually)

N.B sending a kid to school for a term= 2 bottles of Coke from the hotel = 2500 Ugandan Shillings= less than a euro.. shocking seeing as this means MY SCHOOL FEES COULD SEND ROUGHLY 1333 KIDS TO SCHOOL FOR A YEAR.. Think about that!
Eoin Langan


  1. Great post Eoin, 1,333 kids educated? That's a very sobering thought.

  2. Hi Eoin, aswell as taking in all you were telling us about the wonderful experience and the amazing children, I had to laugh about your view on air hostesses and mosquito nets. Great to hear all your views.

  3. Hi Eoin, we enjoyed reading your blog. It was very insightful. We miss you, post another blog soon love Mum

  4. Hi Eoin, Great Blog. Love to read some more. Hope you are having a great time.

  5. ha, tote hilar. good job largo!

  6. Thanks for all the fantastic blogs guys - love readiing them everyday, sounds like the most amazing experience - so wish I was there!
    Keep up the good work.