Thursday, August 6, 2009

Some Photos

After some pain-staking uploading on a dial-up internet connection in the hotel, here are a taste of our experiences so far:

On our way from Kampala to Masaka, we made a stop-off at the uber-touristy Equator lay-by. An equally touristy photo had to be taken.

On arrival at the Living Hope Primary School on Sunday, this was the choir who sang songs to thyank us for coming.

This was taken on Monday morning as we boarded our bus to the Living Hope Primary School to start the Summer camp.

This is three classroom extension we fundraised for. the foundations have been laid and the walls are flying up at breakneck speed.

This is one of the signs the kids were waving when we arrived. If I muster up more patience, I'll try upload more photos another night. In the mean time, these will have to suffice.


  1. Shouting out a big Hello to Dillon from Auntie Sam, his Grandma and his mum who have all been llama trekking today with Ben & Mollie. Hey Dill - we are going to Center Parcs tomorrow - very sad you won't be with us, but from the sounds of things you are doing something far more worthwhile and amazing. Good luck with the Summer Camp and hope the rest of your trip continues to be as wonderful as has already been described.

  2. Thank you so much for posting these photo's, it's great to see all your experiences.

  3. Hi everyone, thanks a million for keeping us posted and showing us the truely necessary and wonderful work you are doing out there - well done! Love to Kellan and you all Jackie & Darrin

  4. Great blog guys. Keep it coming ,I'm hooked already. Pass on my best to all out there.

  5. Great blog guys. Keep it coming, I'm hooked already. Give my best to all out there.

  6. Hi all, Just like to say Hello and hope you are enjoying the experience. Andy, got your text today. Appreciate it. See you soon Best wishes, Ken T (alias Superman)

  7. Thanks a mil for posting the photos, its great to see you all together there, it looks hot!! keep sending the news hi to you all and hugs and love to kath berniex